30 Weeks Pregnant: Symptoms, Baby Position, Weight, Movement, Size, Pregnancy Tips

30th Week Pregnancy Highlights

Melanin Production

Your baby’s skin cells will start producing melanin, a pigment that gives color to the skin. But a major part of the production will happen only after birth.

No Time For Love!

If you had made the most of the 2nd trimester to ramp up your love life, then this trimester will be harder on you. However, you can still try different positions to make things easy for you.

Pregnancy Milestone

At week 30, you’re in the seventh month.

Your Baby’s Development During Week 30


Week 30
Baby’s Growth

weight (g)

1.3 kg

Length (cm)

39.9 cm

Approximate size


How Big is Your Baby?

This week, the bone marrow starts to prepare red blood cells which imply that the baby is gearing up for survival. In a few weeks, the baby may slow down in gaining anymore height, but will continue to gain weight until birth. By the end of the 7th month, your baby opens and shuts his/her eyes and is able to distinguish light from dark inside the uterus.

Baby’s Length: 39.9 cm

Baby’s Weight: 1.3 Kg

Mother’s Changing Body: What to Expect


As your body enlarges in size, your skin also expands which might lead to stretch marks and itchiness. Use cocoa butter moisturizer often as required to avoid scratching your skin.

This week, your uterus enlarges and presses the diaphragm, causing breathlessness. This is quite normal as many pregnant women find it difficult to get enough air after week 30. Change your sitting and sleeping positions to relieve breathlessness.

The good news: You are in your 30th week and only 10 more weeks left to see your little sweet pea’s face.

30th Week Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy Tips for Week 30


This is a preconception phase and you need to take better care of yourself to ensure a smooth pregnancy. Therefore, you should:

  • To avoid heartburn and indigestion, stay away from spicy foods, oily foods, and chocolates. Try to eat smaller meals at regular intervals and do not lie down immediately after eating.
  • If you are feeling breathless as the pregnancy progresses, change your sleeping postures. You can take a nap in a semi-seated posture with pillows behind your back to support you.
  • Eat a well balanced diet rich in fiber and nutrients to avoid constipation.
  • If you are considering stem cell banking for your child, this is the right time to enroll.

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