26 Weeks Pregnant Baby Development, Symptoms, Baby Weight, Pregnancy Tips

26th Week Pregnancy Highlights

Breathing Habit!

Your baby develops breathing mechanisms by inhaling and exhaling tiny amounts of amniotic fluid. This is important for the development of the baby's lungs.

Consider A Midwife

If you wish to seek a professional midwife's support post your delivery. then now is the time to start shortlisting one to avoid a last-minute rush.

Pregnancy Milestone

At week 26, you’re in the sixth month!

Your Baby’s Development During Week 26


Week 26
Baby’s Growth

weight (g)

760 g

Length (cm)

35.6 cm

Approximate size

Kale head

How Big is Your Baby?

This week, your baby is reaching a step closer to the real world. The baby's eyes that remained closed all these months will open from the 26th week of pregnancy. As the brain wave activity of the baby increases this week, your young one can respond to the external stimuli like noise and bright light through increased pulse rate or any other movement. From this week, your baby's immune system begins to develop so that he/she can survive outside the womb after childbirth.

Baby’s Length: 35.6 cm

Baby’s Weight: 760 g

Mother’s Changing Body: What to Expect


By now, you may feel your baby's movements inside the tummy because your womb is getting a little crowded: however, your baby still has enough space to move freely.

If you have not felt strong kicks yet. then wait for a few more weeks. Every pregnancy is a unique experience so it is normal if you do not feel the kicks or movements yet.

As the bump grows, you may feel hot and your skin may become dry & itchy.

26th Week Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy Tips for Week 26


This is a preconception phase and you need to take better care of yourself to ensure a smooth pregnancy. Therefore, you should:

  • Eat an iron-rich diet such as green leafy vegetables, egg, red meat, cereals, etc. as most pregnant women are anaemic.
  • Keep your body cool, drink plenty of water and wear loose, cotton clothes in summer to keep a check on increased body heat.
  • It is important to check your weight often and if you are not in the recommended weight range, it is necessary to consult your gynecologist.
  • Pregnancy brain needs all the extra help to remember things. Try writing down or keep a reminder about any important appointment.
  • Read books related to childbirth and parenting. Once you have the baby, you may not have time to read parenting books so use all the available time.

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