24 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms, Baby Weight, Baby Development, Pregnancy Tips

24th Week Pregnancy Highlights

Raising The Eyebrows!

No, we aren’t talking about anything drastic. Your little pea-pod now has hair on the eyebrows and will start practicing raising them.

Diabetic? Or Not?

You’ll probably be tested for diabetes at this stage. If positive, you’ll undergo a longer glucose tolerance test to confirm gestational diabetes.

Pregnancy Milestone

At week 24, you’re in the sixth month!


Your Baby’s Development
During Week 24
Baby’s Growth

weight (g)

600 g

Length (cm)

30 cm

Approximate size


How Big is Your Baby?

This week, your baby’s WBCs develop to fight off the infections after childbirth. The baby also shows good brain activities such as thought, consciousness, and memory equal to that of a newborn. The baby’s size increases, contributing to the development of growing organs, muscles, bones, and body fat. Your little pea’s translucent skin is becoming more opaque and gets a pink glow due to the small capillaries that were formed this week.

Baby’s Length: 30 cm

Baby’s Weight: 600 g

Mother’s Changing Body:
What to Expect


If your belly button is still inside, this week you may expect it to protrude out which is normal in pregnant women.

Your spouse can hear the baby’s heartbeat by placing his ears on your abdomen.

As the belly becomes heavier, it is important to take care while you get up from the bed and walk. Avoid sudden movements; instead slowly get up and stand.

24th Week Pregnancy Symptoms

This week, you may experience symptoms such as-

Pregnancy Tips for Week 24

  • If you feel your eyes dry, do not wear contact lenses as it will irritate your eyes. You can opt for glasses instead.
  • If your ankle is swelling and you can’t wear your favourite shoes to work, try keeping a foot rest under the desk to elevate your legs. Do not stand for long hours; take short intervals to sit and relax your legs.
  • If your headache becomes severe and persists for more than 3 days with nausea or difficulties in vision, it could be migraine. Consult your physician and get the right treatment
  • Discuss signs of preterm labor with your doctor or midwife. Call any one of them if you notice any of the signs.
  • Have two prunes or any fiber-rich fruits like oranges or pears everyday to avoid constipation.

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