31 Weeks Pregnant: Symptoms, Baby Position, Weight, Movement, Size, Complication

31st Week Pregnancy Highlights

Seeing In The Dark

Your baby will now be able to see dim shapes. The baby’s pupils will be able to expand and constrict, allowing the eyes to let in less or more light.

Labor Pain Management!

If you’ve been thinking of pain medications to manage your upcoming labor pains, discuss with your doctor the benefits of taking the natural, unmedicated approach.

Pregnancy Milestone

At week 31, you’re in the seventh month.

Your Baby’s Development During Week 31


Week 31
Baby’s Growth

weight (g)

1.5 kg

Length (cm)

41.1 cm

Approximate size

large cabbage

How Big is Your Baby?

This week, the baby’s brain and five senses develop faster for better survival in the outside world. The baby develops a long REM cycle sleep pattern by this week along with complex brain activity. Your little sweet pea will start to dream in sleep in the eighth month. This week, your baby grows longer and gains a few extra pounds, which will reflect in your body weight. You may notice that your baby isn’t moving much; but not to worry, your baby is probably running out of space to move around. As long as you can feel the wriggle or twist, it is safe.

Baby’s Length: 41.1 cm

Baby’s Weight: 1.5 Kg

Mother’s Changing Body: What to Expect


You may gain 3-4 pounds this month and it is normal to experience gradual weight gain in the last trimester.

As the due date is nearing, you may experience mixed emotions- happiness and fear about childbirth and parenting. If you feel so, it is normal and you are not alone; talk to your partner and family for support.

This week, you may experience shortness of breath as the uterus is pushing the internal organs. However, you will feel better towards the end of pregnancy.

31st Week Pregnancy Symptoms

The other symptoms include occasional headaches, backaches, frequent urination, varicose vein, clumsiness, pregnancy brain, and fatigue.

Pregnancy Tips for Week 31


This is a preconception phase and you need to take better care of yourself to ensure a smooth pregnancy. Therefore, you should:

  • To handle shortness of breath, try to sit straight and pull back your shoulder. This will give some space to the mid region so that your lungs can inhale and exhale comfortably.
  • As Vitamin C helps to absorb the iron from diet, take fresh fruits and fruit juices along with iron-rich foods. This way, you can cope with the iron deficiency.
  • If you are working, it is necessary to take a break and walk for a while to improve blood circulation in the body.
  • Track and familiarize with your baby’s movements as this will help you stay aware of any issues.

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